Tuesday, December 3, 2013

And then there were three.

We're kind of into that shock effect...

Women always imagine what that first moment of clarity will feel like; how your heart races, that second of disbelief, the mixture of fear and excitement all rolled into one indescribable emotion. I could clearly picture the elated look on his face and the salted tears on my own. I imagined the celebratory "Congratulations!" from our family and friends, the tight hugs, and contagious, squealing laughter. While I never did cry, what I never expected to feel was the innate calmness associated with being one with motherhood.

Introducing...Baby Hindman!

Coming to a womb near you July 2014!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Work. Tired. Exhaustion. Master's. Tired. Puppy. Tired.

I feel like this is my first ever blog post. Can I just say that I absolutely despise not having the time to be with my blog family anymore? Things are kind of insane here on my end!

I'm working now. Like every weekend. Like every day. Bedtime has its perks, I tell ya. Not mine, of course, but all of my crazy kids. Only 90 more hours of work to go. Unfortunately, I say that on a consistent basis, with no end in sight. Working this much and getting my Master's is no fun at all. But hey: I'm married. To the most wonderful man in the world, at that.

Lots of new things: my dad is semi-walking (!), we have a new puppy (please see the end of the most previous post for a laugh), and we're getting ready to move into a new apartment (hopefully the last apartment before house...and baby!).

I'd write more, but my ability to focus on things for an extended period of time has certainly dwindled. One free second and my eyes are convinced it's sleep time.

Until next time!