Monday, May 4, 2015


One of the things that David and I have struggled with since moving here is finding our church "home". We attended a local Church of Christ for a spell, but still felt as though something were missing. We desperately craved the type of relationships we had at Meridian (you know, before things got crazy), but our chaotic schedules made regular attendance and fellowship difficult. At one point, we stopped going altogether. Curiously, even though we've found a different church that works for us, we're still inconvenienced by our hectic and demanding schedules. I'm finally getting out of the habit of wishing "tomorrow" would get here, but I can't help but be excited for a time when we will have the time (and energy) to meet new people and make new friends. This last year, I've made a conscious effort to make time for God and for the amazing things He is doing our lives.  It's not everyday that I find myself reflecting on sermons hours after I hear them. Today's experience, however, was an exception and I'm so excited to share it with you.


Everybody has them. Some of us are notorious makers and breakers. Some of us set long term goals, while others are satisfied with meeting smaller, daily goals. Some of our goals are practical, while others are a thing of dreams. We often define personal achievement by our ability to meet or exceed the goals we set for ourselves. One of the biggest problems with this, however, is knowing whether or not the goal that you have set/met is the right goal. Meeting the wrong goal does not always fulfill our needs. Making good time to the wrong destination still makes us lost. Recently, we have purposely embarked on a journey that is uncomfortable on an individual level and stressful at the married level. The goal of this journey has challenged our thoughts and actions, and has motivated us to "do a lot with a little". What I've been able to take from this experience is that sometimes the right goal is not what we want, but rather what we need. Another thing I've come to accept is that reaching IS achieving. Having the courage, the strength, the resilience, and the commitment to stretch yourself beyond what you previously thought was impossible is the moment in which God uses your limited gifts to merge the gap between your limitations and the amazing plans He has made for you. We might not be comfortable and we might feel like we're stretching beyond our capabilities, but after today's message, we're certain that the growth is in the stretch.

I hope you feel challenged to continue stretching toward your goal; to continuously reevaluate your progress and your end game. Share this with someone who might be struggling with their personal conviction and drive!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Banana Almond Butter Muffins

In an attempt to get back on track after my trip, I've been looking for recipes to help curb my sweet tooth - or at least satiate it in a sort-of-healthy kind of way. Check out this quick muffin recipe!

*Gluten free
*Whole30 approved

- (1) cup almond butter
- (3) ripe bananas (original recipe called for 2, but when I do this over, I'm going to use three to get a stronger banana taste)
- (2) large eggs
- (1) tsp vanilla
- (1/2) tsp baking soda
- OPTIONAL: (1) tbsp honey (Not sure how these would taste without the honey, so I recommend adding it)
- OPTIONAL: you can add absolutely anything you want - nuts, blueberries, chocolate chips, etc

1) Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2) Blend all ingredients in the blender (what??? too cool.) until it is creamy
3) Grease muffin tin (I used Coconut Oil spray)
4) Pour mix into liners
5) Cook for 12-14 minutes or until baked all the way through

Enjoy, y'all!! xoxo

Monday, February 23, 2015

Edible Fingerpaint

After many requests, here are the ingredients and instructions for the super easy edible fingerprint activity!

-Baby oatmeal cereal
-Water to desired consistency
-Food coloring

Activity Prep:
We did this in the bathtub to minimize clean up. If you want to do this anywhere outside of the tub, I suggest using posterboard instead of paper. Lay lots and lots of plastic. This stuff gets everywhere! Have all of baby's (and yours, if you decide to get in on the fun) bath stuff ready to go next to the tub because I guarantee it will be necessary!


                               That's it! Totally easy, right?


At first, he wasn't really sure. But it was quickly evident that "edible" was key for this activity. 

Sensory activities are perfect for this age! Introducing infants to these types of activities fosters brain development and association behaviors.

I absolutely loved this! Everything was convenient from the ingredients to the clean up. Don't be afraid to let your babies get messy. I've come to realize in the last few weeks that this journey I'm on - motherhood - is not about prepping him for all of the amazing things I know he will do with his life later, but enjoying every single second now. Feel free to steal the hashtag #beherenow that I'd picked up from a few of my girlfriends a few months back. Implement it in your marriage, in your spiritual life, in your job, and in your seemingly monotonous day-to-day activities. When it feels like you're waiting for your life to "begin", remember that you're missing the life you're living!