Monday, February 23, 2015

Edible Fingerpaint

After many requests, here are the ingredients and instructions for the super easy edible fingerprint activity!

-Baby oatmeal cereal
-Water to desired consistency
-Food coloring

Activity Prep:
We did this in the bathtub to minimize clean up. If you want to do this anywhere outside of the tub, I suggest using posterboard instead of paper. Lay lots and lots of plastic. This stuff gets everywhere! Have all of baby's (and yours, if you decide to get in on the fun) bath stuff ready to go next to the tub because I guarantee it will be necessary!


                               That's it! Totally easy, right?


At first, he wasn't really sure. But it was quickly evident that "edible" was key for this activity. 

Sensory activities are perfect for this age! Introducing infants to these types of activities fosters brain development and association behaviors.

I absolutely loved this! Everything was convenient from the ingredients to the clean up. Don't be afraid to let your babies get messy. I've come to realize in the last few weeks that this journey I'm on - motherhood - is not about prepping him for all of the amazing things I know he will do with his life later, but enjoying every single second now. Feel free to steal the hashtag #beherenow that I'd picked up from a few of my girlfriends a few months back. Implement it in your marriage, in your spiritual life, in your job, and in your seemingly monotonous day-to-day activities. When it feels like you're waiting for your life to "begin", remember that you're missing the life you're living!

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