Friday, December 21, 2012

Well this is crazy...

There's too much insanity going on right now. Crazies running around killing children. Crazies running around killing soldiers. Crazies running around killing innocent civilians. Oh yea, and crazies crossing 3 lanes of traffic and running over a pedestrian...without stopping.

I got the call at work. Hour 15. Great.

I left work, got my boys, and headed south on a 11 hour, spur-of-the-moment, exhausting road trip with no money, no sure idea of what happened or what was going to happen, and no actual clothes. I had David to thank for starting the laundry minutes before I got there to pick him up. Wonderful.

We started out with crushed legs, internal bleeding, head wounds and lots of staples, vertebrae trauma, road rash and embedded gravel, other cuts and bruises...we were worried about his prognoses, but trusted and prayed and leaned on Him to carry us through such a devastating time.

Good news is that my dad is alive. For those following my facebook posts, those creating prayer chains, those [amazing people] who helped us out financially while we were traveling, securing a new, handicap accessible apartment for my parents....THANK YOU! God has done some amazing things for us, and has given us good friends and family.

Today, they are supposedly bringing my dad's new hospital bed to the parents' new apartment. Dad will come home soon, for about 5 weeks, before he returns to the hospital for more surgeries. Excellent!! He might not be home for Christmas, he might not ever walk, but he's alive.

In other news...

End of the world posts are running rampant! I find this to be a very exciting time of year. We've got apocalypse shows and series on TV, crazy facebook and twitter posts, and news media all over the official OFFICIAL end of the world festivities. Not to be confused with other, past "official" end of the world events. It's like a Parks and Rec episode. I find it to be pretty insane that stations are running apocalypse specials when there are so many other pertinent, real issues at hand to be televised. It's ridiculous how much hype unrealistic events get compared to real tragedy, pain, and war. That's American media for you!

I suppose this is my only segue into the "I just got married" debut. 

Yeah. That's right. 


Take a second for it to set in. 

We figured it was now or never, since the end of the world starts (ends?) today. (Can someone please find me an itinerary? Should I cook dinner? Start laundry?) the end of the world respectful of time zones, or will we have to tune in an hour earlier? Anyway, we marched on over to the church, said our "I do"s and went on our merry way. Not the way either of us (mostly him) envisioned it, but the Mayans really didn't give us much to work with.

On a completely serious note, HOORAY! we're married! It's been a long--albeit quiet-- time coming. Some people knew, most people didn't. Others were waiting for an invite to a wedding we had been secretly planning. But after much consideration and my father's recent accident, we decided to postpone the celebration, but not the commitment, and make it official. It's a strangely satisfying, backwards process. Now this family of three can become a family of four. Ha. I'm kidding. Leo couldn't handle shared affections with another dog.

Married life, son. 
Happy End-of-the-World/Marriage Day.

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