Thursday, February 3, 2011

I need a great escape.

I feel wishy washy. I'm all over the place trying to figure out why this tepidness is taking me over. I continue to ask Him about the path I’m on, and keep asking for reassurance that I’m serving Him the way I should be, but I’m not hearing anything. Maybe I’m not listening?

I think it’s safe to say that I’m in over my head. My brain is wiping theoretical sweat off its proverbial brow, and waving a tiny white flag with its little arms. Between breaths, it’s wheezing out, “Please! I need just a moment!” and maybe coughing up some blood.

I need your prayers, people. I’m falling way behind, and getting lost on this path. I thought I could see some rays of light through the canopy, but sunset is upon me, and the light is fading fast. But my contentment remains, and I glance over to a patch of comfortable overgrowth I can lay down on. I know I can’t very well walk around in the dark; I would just get even further from the path. So I’ll just sleep until daybreak.

I pray that I can retain strength through You, Lord.
Fill me with Your Spirit so that my heart may come to know You better.
I’ve asked You to test my faith during this last week of my fast,
and there is no doubt that I’ve been heard.
Continue to use me as a vessel, Lord.
Lead me to those You wish me to encourage through Your Word.
I know that, through You, I can keep devotedly to the path.
With faith, not fear, I know You will not let me fall.
I ask this through Your Son, Jesus Christ.

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