Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.

Why doesn't anyone want to Geocache with me? David Kossin is enjoying this scavenger game without me. Oh and before I forget, I've decided to start on Twitter (again); mostly due to the fact that my job is boring. (Let's get real, I get paid to tweet and blog and play free cell.) Find me at: GodStrongGirl. Also, if anyone was wondering, my mother has since decided to give me the car. That reminds me, I should probably go ahead and dismiss the case.

I wasn't really planning on blogging until after I came back from Georgia. I didn't know where this weekend was going to take me, and I didn't really want to assume what things were going on if they weren't really going on. At this point though, I think it's safe to say that what I'm feeling is real, and I don't think I'm alone in it. It's really a matter of when. While it's true that this (though vague) may come as a surprise (or maybe not), I'm excited about where it's going, and hopeful about the prospects.

If there's anything that I've learned this week, it's a) the power of prayer and b) the power of addressing a sensitive issue. As always, prayer has a way of both empowering and comforting you when you need someone to confide in. I found myself praying a lot more than usual this week. Praying for hope, strength, words, and patience. I'm not one of those who believe in keeping "patience" off the prayer list just because He will test your patience rather than grant it. I certainly needed it, and needed to know that the Spirit would calm me. And it did. I feel renewed in my whatever-it-is, and the tightening around my throat has relaxed, so to speak. It's refreshing, and I'm falling deeper into it every day. The most important part, though, is keeping my walls up. God is helping me guard my heart, just in case.

As for addressing an issue, I can't stress enough the importance of communication in any relationship; whether intimate or platonic. I've both suffered the consequences of not doing so, as well as the pleasure of giving advice about communication just this week. While there may be a level of uncomfortability and dread when it comes to confronting a person or an issue, there are few greater victories than that of the relief that washes over you when the air is finally cleared. I'd like to especially thank McLeod, Kossin, Brown, and Clapso for reaching out to me this week. It was much much needed.

In the past week, I've come to the conclusion that my spiritual life is lacking. Not in Scripture, or in Spirit, but in fellowship. It's weird to walk into a church and not seek the love and presence of a church family. While I do miss those at Meridian, I know that the change was much needed. I would have gone on the Girls' beach trip had it not been for the money I knew I'd be spending on this weekend's trip. In fact, tonight I'm going to be headed to the store to start on my grocery list.

This weekend, he and I (if you know, then you know) are headed to Blue Ridge with Lauren and Tyler, and another couple, Skylar and Carlos. Having another couple join us was a last minute thing, but I figure that it can only add to the fun, as well as save me some money (always a fan). This vacation will be the relaxation and lightheartedness that I've desperately needed for months now. No expectations, no pressure, and probably (hopefully) no cell phone reception. I'm sure the girls (especially Ms. McLeod and her photography skills-- will be bringing their cameras. There's nothing more picturesque than being in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by lush woods in the country's most quintessential getaway. Look for an update in the early part of next week for pictures!

Hope everyone is having a swell, stress-free week. Stay Blessed.

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