Friday, June 29, 2012

100th Post Time

Happy almost 4th of July!!
Happy 100th post day!!

It's crazy that there's been so much time between my most recent posts. I seriously have no time (or energy) to do anything anymore. I'd forced myself to finish my coursework, under great duress, but that's pretty much it. I've checked my facebook while waiting for things, and I've used instagram to document our lives in pictures, but I really hadn't dug up my laptop until now.

I wish I had something more exciting to update about for this 100th post, but alas, my life has fallen into a satisfyingly monotonous routine. I get up, go to work, come home, and then {this is the best part} I get to choose whether I'm going to make dinner, go out to dinner, or skip dinner and head straight for bed. Exciting, I know. Soon, though. We're really not that boring. Just tired. I either need to start drinking more coffee or settle for exhaustion. We'll see. Plus, we're on a tight budget until we can get ahead of ourselves. Then we can start saving for things like vacations and cruises and weddings. Whoops! I mean....not weddings. Or maybe I just mean wedding, singular. Never mind.

We've also mapped out our budget and set up a joint account for bills. The good news is that saving up for a couch and dining room set and a new car(!) won't be as difficult as I thought it would be; even with the ridiculous (I say that because I'm yet to realize that we're finally--really--adults) amount of bills we have now. We should have all of our (Ikea!) furniture by the end of July (just in time for his dad's visit), and a car within the next few months. Pretty exciting. It'll be nice to be able to have people over without having to offer them a camping chair and a tray table.

We're torn between these two couches:
This one is super comfortable. You really sink into it. But it's smaller. But...cheaper.
This one, on the other hand, is my favorite. And it opens up from the bottom into this:

You can see our dilemma. Comfort, cheaper, but small...or expensive and awesome and et cetera. Stupid cool things. Gets me every time.

The new church is great, for all who were wondering. We've made a bunch of friends that have definitely exceeded my expectations. We were expecting a little bit of judgment and reservation, given our not-really-a-situation situation, but we've certainly been welcomed with open arms here. It's a drive to get there, but it's nice. A perfect fit. And lots of married couples. There's much less pressure about sex and relationships when nearly everyone is married.

Speaking of which, David and I are doing wonderfully! "Playing house", as some would have it, has served us well. We're still staying true to our virtues, despite the close proximity, and maintaining a healthy, blessed relationship. The only thing that's changed is that we work more and spend less, and sleep more and exercise less. Tonight, he's enjoying a night out with our friends while I finish some domestic duties; a courtesy I rarely get to extend, but enjoy. My 50 hour a week job has made it impossible for me to clean on the daily. Time away from David helps me refocus to tackle things like laundry and vacuuming that I'd rather not do after working 12 hours. But! Things are getting done. There's nothing I like better (well, not many things anyway) than a clean house.

Still no fitness update at this point. I was hoping to get in my first official run in Charlotte tonight, but the 104 degree weather that didn't cool down much even after sundown was a little discouraging. So, not today. But, also soon.

There have been a lot of "soons", lately.
Thanks for being a reader. YOU are great.

Oh, and as a last minute side note, say hello to the girl who misses two weeks of school, and a combined total of four 10-page essays, and still makes the Dean's List. Recognize.

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