Thursday, July 5, 2012

Busy bees

We have been busy, to say the least. Even though it hasn't felt like it the past couple of days. We've managed to sleep in a day or two, and somehow found ourselves asleep before 9pm a few days this week. We're so old!

Monday! Whew! Talk about out of shape. I couldn't believe we'd only been sans exercise for a month. You'd think it was a year! While we both finished our very first Charlotte run with pretty decent stamina and buckets of sweat, both of my legs were cramping as I neared the end of my workout. With every step, I was anticipating falling head over spaghetti legs and flat on my face. More water, more potassium. Noted, body. It's three days later and I'm finally starting to feel some muscle relief. *Shakes head* This is an utter disaster. All that work....basically undone! The good news is that I'm more motivated than ever to get this whole "new beginning" thing under control. We're doing so well in everything else. As soon as we can get back on track with regular exercise, I think we'll be set.

4th of July 2011
Tuesday, we decided to ring in 4th of July at Dave and Buster's. It was fun to eat out, play games, and day dream about giant stuffed bananas. Against his better judgment, David has agreed to help me save up tickets so that, one day, I'll be the proud new owner of said banana. *Swoon.* He's so good to me!

Wednesday: Happy 4th!!! We spent a few hours swimming with the family at the Y, followed by extremely delicious food that led almost directly into napping. I woke up, ate more food, and then drove sleep. I'm pretty sure we were both passed out before 6. I didn't even hear fireworks through my mini-coma. Did I mention old?

Today was a long day. We both had to be in to work at 6am, and left around 5:30pm. I had way too much coffee. I'm still a little wired. I'm anxiously awaiting my sugar crash--gratefully prolonged by apple pie and ice cream (did I mention we were eating healthier? diet fail.). I'm hoping to fall asleep within the next hour or so. I can't wait for Friday! (Nothing important is happening on Friday. Sadness.)

This weekend will be full of moving (I hate moving.) and niece-ing. Saturday, we're due a sleep over with the girls. And they get to meet Leo! Very exciting.

Hope everyone enjoyed a fun, safe 4th of July.
Happy birthday, America!


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