Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Investments: commence et fin.

I don't remember previous summer sessions going by so quickly; I'm almost through week two of six. Four more weeks until I'm finished with my undergraduate career! Luckily, big changes are headed my way.

My 21st birthday is rapidly approaching. I'm not sure what to think. On one hand, I'm excited to finally be able to do all those things I couldn't do because I was a 20 year old. Not that I'll be drinking or anything, but just having that freedom makes me feel a little cooler. On the other hand, I feel like I should be doing something to celebrate, but I'm simply too exhausted. Plans for my parents to be here were thwarted, and then plans to get out of town were made impossible by the holiday weekend tourism, so I think we're just going to enjoy a quiet weekend in Tallahassee. And all hope of that "I'M LEGAL!" sash and tiara is pretty much out the window because I just won't have anywhere to wear it (haha). The good news: I already bought myself a birthday present. This little piggy went to Sam's house! Guess what Kaylee Farnsworth???? I don't need to steal yours because I went out and bought my own.

A few people have heard, but it's really just a new development that I'm going to be moving out of my townhouse and (most likely) in with my dearest Lynn. I'm not excited to lose Alaina to Tampa, but I'm thankful that I'll be able to save a little more money every month, as well as sharing some great company. In addition to that, I may very well be getting a full time position at DCF (Department of Children and Families), but it's not a done deal yet-there's just been some talk. It will be a perfect transition directly after this last semester! It's definitely obvious that God has shown His light on me. I am truly blessed.

Yesterday was Leo's official birthday. Why do people think it's weird that I acknowledge my dog's birthday? I don't know. I enjoy it. We're not celebrating until today though, when Justin gets home from Jacksonville. Speaking of Jacksonville, his meeting with his CO went spectacularly. Instead of what we anticipated to be a scolding and possible consequences, he received an official promotion and a pay increase! May has held nothing but surprises and blessings for us. And just as soon as he gets back in town, I'll finally be able to sleep better.

Unrelated: everyone should watch The Odyssey at least once in their life. Watching it tonight really gave me a new appreciation for JB's six month deployments. Penelope waited 20 years for her husband! What a woman. I don't know if I'd have that same kind of patience and dedication. If the rest of the Navy returned without him, I'd be like, "Yea, he's dead." [Insert tears and etc here.]

Other than elevator music, my mind still continues to allow me to procrastinate: wedding, wedding planning, and my wedding dress, just to start. The catalogs keep pouring in! I was even bold enough to ask Justin to ask me to marry him in the morning so I could spend the rest of the day dress shopping. Sigh. I'm a mess. An "I-can't-wait-to-marry-the-man-of-my-dreams-and-wear-bride-to-be-shirts-everyday" mess. 


Justin said...

Wow. Love the pick of Leo and you of course baby.

GodStrongGirl said...

What a jerk. Bad punctuation ftw.