Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not a song link-up

Hello, no-longer-link-up-Thursday. What a beautiful sunshiney day.

Seriously though.

I'm sitting at my desk contemplating why I still work here. And how much longer. Let's analyze:
  • Yay! I have a job.
  • Yay! Ability to pay bills.
  • Yay! No credit cards = no credit card debt.
  • Yay! Fun trips with the beau.
  • Yay! Leo doesn't starve.
  • Yay! I don't starve.
  • Yay! New things to feed my shopping addiction.
Why is money an essential part of my life??? I should have married rich. That's what my momma always told me to do. Sadness. Instead, I'm fending for myself and David on a meager $12/hour paycheck. Pretty good compared to other recent graduates, but I desperately need want something new before I jump out the window of the fourth floor of this stupid building. I wouldn't even die. I might just break a leg or two...if I'm lucky. If I could even break the window. I think we have that thick, bullet proof glass. It's a pipe dream, really.

That awkward moment when:
Everyone understands that you hate your job.
You hear that your "friend" is not really your friend, but secretly bitter that you undermine their authority by sticking up for yourself.
You understand all the horrible things people said about working for the state.
You feel guilty because you should appreciate the things you have.
You fail at being grateful, so you go back to hating it.

That's enough for now. Enjoy this song.


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