Monday, April 30, 2012

That awkward moment when...

This weekend without David was strange. Waking up with a new boy in my bed provides additional, half-drowsy challenges. Though I'm sure Kossin wouldn't have minded a good morning kiss, I'm positive that David 2 (also known as boyfriend) would've felt encroached upon. It was a good weekend though. I never see enough of my favorite people (insert Lauren, Daniel, David, Angela, and Lee here) being as Tallahassee is literally in the middle of nowhere. Aside from being surrounded by other cities that are also in the middle of nowhere.

Saturday was spent mostly failing at everything. Our order ticket got lost when we went out to breakfast: cue 1.5 hours of waiting on a meal that would never come. After my first geocache (EPIC!), we picked up Mallory and headed downtown to the local crawfish boil. There was a cover charge to walk the street that didn't include the cost of food or drinks so we walked a few more blocks to check out the Saturday Farmer's Market...which apparently ends early in the afternoon. Then we drove across town to get smoothies and visit Mission San Luis (my favorite historical site in town). Surprise, surprise....closed 10 minutes prior to our arrival. We drove home and watched Easy A instead.

"My David" and I successfully finding my first Geocache. Also, WHY DON'T MY GLASSES EVER STAY ON MY FACE?
Additional awkwardness occurs when you're hanging out with the first guy you ever dated and his mother who pretty much thinks you're satan-spawn. Oh yea, and his entire extended family. Kossin always looks at me afterward, to which I usually respond with, "Don't. Say. Anything." Some encounters never stop being weird.


So, for any one who has attempted Insanity: kudos. Seriously. I didn't realize that the fit test would be so...high powered. I did half and then decided I'd rather run a marathon, naked, in the snow than do ten more minutes of the fit test. I settled for 5k, clothed, in Tallahassee humidity. Tomorrow's Day 1 should be an eye opener. Maybe we're in over our heads? It seems that jumping up and down and doing "power jacks" and scissor kicks only accomplishes one of three things: 1) Leo barks and pounces at my ridiculousness, 2) I scare myself as I hit the thin hardwood floor, sure I'm going to fall through, and 3) my legs--not my core--burn incessantly. I'm obviously doing it wrong, as well as sounding like a retarded dinosaur. If David still loves me after wedding dancing and embarrassing workout techniques, then he definitely deserves me. Or maybe it's me who deserves him. I'm a mess.

And briefly: this is my bajillionth week holding first place in our fantasy baseball league. Also, David tried to trade-rape me. Men don't know anything about how intuitive women are. But women always underestimate the ways in which men will try to manipulate them. You won't fool this girl!

I'll let you all know how Day 1 goes. Or doesn't. Stay classy, San Diego.

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