Monday, April 2, 2012


I'm super excited for all things healthy. It inspires me daily to keep working as hard as I can. When I'm able to get some breathing room to develop my fitness wardrobe, there are new things to get for my lifestyle change:

I absolutely can NOT wait to get a garmin GPS watch. I'll be able to track my time and distance.  
I'm frequently worried that my iPod touch (and soon, my iPhone!) will get drenched when it rains and I'm running. I'd like to have more protection for those pricey electronics!

These Ruffles With Love tanks are to die for! I'm going to get a few :)

And this one from personTen.

C9 by Champion (available at Target) has gotten great reviews. I need these compression shorts!

I also need some new SUPPORTIVE bras. The ones I have just aren't cutting it for me.

Aside from getting new and properly fitted shoes around August, this should at least make running more comfortable, if not more enticing.  

xoxo friends!!


momma_d said...

Have you though of making the T-shirts?

Samantha said...

I hadn't, but my last shirt making attempt wasn't so perfect. But it's definitely in my future! Do you know of any good tutorials that would help?


Andrea K. said...

Buy the new watch! I love workout electronics. And compression shorts. And those shirts, they're so cute! How do you find these things?

Samantha said...

I'm definitely getting the watch. It's the only reliable way for me to gauge how far I'm running in the time I need to run it. Sure, anyone can run for 30 minutes, but if you're the world's slowest runner, you might only be running a mile in those 30. I need to be able to finish the 5k in a half hour. No excuses!

As for finding this stuff, I get a lot of inspiration from pinterest. During my downtime at work, I go through pages and pages of fitness stuff and craft ideas. It keeps me motivated to keep at it despite the pain and illusion that I'm not getting anywhere. It's amazing what other peoples' testimony can do for you!

I also follow a LOT of blogs. My two favorite (besides Nathan's of course) are:

These ladies are magnificent!