Sunday, April 1, 2012

Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

I felt so silly on Thursday and Friday. I feel like this is a typical end-of-the-week debacle. Today, not so much. The weekend is never long enough.

I generally hate when people take pictures like this, but I'm so ecstatic about 1)  my weight loss and 2) my awesome hair. Forgive my crooked smile. I shamelessly took this photo in the bathroom at work. Not on the toilet, mind you. Behind me, there's a sitting chair in the handicapped (shameless, I tell you!!) stall, you case you bring a friend. So check it out! My hair is finally back to dark brown, rather than the light brown that was slowly getting blonder and blonder. And it's getting so long! I'm super excited about that. In about a year, it'll be the perfect length of long.

Fitness Update:
Wednesday, David and I ran Day 1 of Week 7. After what seemed like an eternity, I started getting discouraged because my calves were aching and I was incredibly waterlogged from having had too much water after church. The "you are half way" voice had yet to ring through my headphones, and I was sure that I wouldn't be able to make it any further. Complete relief rushed over me when I begrudgingly looked down at my stop clock....10 seconds left. What! I don't know why the "you are half way" AND the "one minute left" never sounded, but I was happy to know that I had kept my legs and my nausea under control.

We were supposed to run on Friday, but it was raining. We opted to run yesterday, but we laid down for a few minutes after Nuberri and fell asleep for the night with the light on.  So it looks like we're behind on our schedule, but we'll keep chugging through and finish day 2 in a few hours.


HOORAY for the end of March Madness. I came in a spectacular last place. Surprise, surprise. I'm being roped into Fantasy Baseball, but I think that I'm going to back out of that. Sports fanatics that I know are telling me that it's tedious and gets boring too quickly. I've agreed  to "try it out" (ie. do the draft, drop out 3 weeks later) for David's sake.

Sports-related: Meridian Woods Centurions won their softball game on Thursday! It's like the Heavens opened up and God finally had mercy on our wonderfully terrible boys. Go, team!


Let the count down to Lauren's wedding begin. I'm still concerned about my decision not to get my dress hemmed (it's really not too long). I might get one of my "moms" to hem it for me when I get into town. But I love the dress. I'm ready to get this thing moving. So much still to do!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Stay blessed :)


Andrea K. said...

I'm jealous of how far you've gotten in C25k! And that you can go so far without looking at your time--I check mine every 90 seconds in agony. And I'm so excited for Lauren's wedding for you! I know that sounds ridiculous, but weddings are so fun and I'm excited because I know that afterwards you will have blogs full of beautiful wedding pictures and stories!

Samantha said...

Don't be jealous. Use that as your motivation. Neither David nor I were runners when we started. It just takes a little bit of will power and focus. When I run, I blast my music, but I can always hear my breathing. Having terrible asthma, I need to concentrate on every single breath to be sure I'm getting enough air. I generally count my breaths according to my in for two steps, out for two steps.

Once you get your breathing under control, (it'll never do it naturally, you have to consciously control it) you'll concentrate LESS on the actual running part. I get so lost in my counting that the run is over before I know it.

And! I'm equally as excited for the wedding. I love weddings. But it drags me down a little. I expected to have that chapter in my life over by now. It's a hard reality. But Lauren deserves the best!