Saturday, March 26, 2011

WWJD for a Klondike Bar?

Just a late night afterthought.....

It wasn't until today that I realized how much I enjoy having something I have to fight for. JB and I have experienced such ups and downs that I'd been back and forth with how much I was willing to sacrifice for this relationship. I had so many people telling me to go, and a handful of others urging me to stick it out, and yet the only voice I truly yearned to hear wasn't speaking loud enough.

And I think that's where a lot of people (myself included) get lost on their journey. This whole time, I'd been waiting for a sign, waiting for a prophetic dream; something to fall in my lap to show me that I was making the right or wrong decision by choosing to marry into a relationship that had already seen so many storms.

 As for me, I call to God, 
and the LORD saves me. 
Evening, morning and noon 
I cry out in distress, 
and he hears my voice. 
He rescues me unharmed
   from the battle waged against me, 
even though many oppose me. 
                                            Psalms 55:16-18

My problem was that I was always harboring a negative attitude when there was negative energy between us. It was always, I've never had to work this hard to keep something together before, when what I really meant was, I've never had to work this hard to get someone to accept who I was. Every time we get into an argument, the adversary immediately poses the question: Why stay? As I contemplate the question, Justin says something that digs a deeper hole, and continues to sour my mood, but I sit there in silence thinking, why stay? But after some serious prayer, a pros and cons list, and a little personal pep-talk, the LORD'S strength fills me and I feel completely wrapped in His love! My heart is always softened by Justin's feeble attempt to apologize, I quickly realize that our troubles are inconceivably immature, and I can't help but wrap my arms around his neck and whisper, I forgive you.

Day after day, and each time we step out onto that battlefield, I try to settle the score as fairly as Jesus would. What would Jesus do? I find myself asking that nearly everyday. Our relationship is filled with flaws, and more importantly--personal issues that I pray will be worked out with the help of Adam and Crystal, and their incredible honesty and friendship. Too often, we (as college kids, as young adults, as humans) find ourselves always concentrating on what life doesn't have to offer, and ignore the wonderful blessings He has given to each and every one of us.

What are you thankful for today?

Dogs that push shopping carts?

FSU killing Wake Forest in Friday's baseball game?

Or just seeing someone you love standing up for something you believe in?

I pray that each one of you continues to open your heart to the Lord, and that you won't be thwarted by the adversary's attempts to tempt you with worldly promises that he cannot fulfill. God is the only way to  salvation; don't let him tell you otherwise. At times, you may feel like your fight for happiness is worthless when it causes you so much pain, but I assure you, friends, it is worth every tear you shed, every broken heart you feel, every class you fail, and every disappointment you cause. Know that our God looks down upon you and smiles at your progress! He would much rather watch His lost sheep make their journey than see those He has already softened at a standstill. <3

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