Tuesday, January 31, 2012

As hilarious as that is, there's something about the watching a person sleep that is strangely comforting. Maybe it's the way their eyelids flutter while they're dreaming, or their perfectly paced breathing, or the way their lips move as if they're whispering something to the conscious world from their dream world. Or maybe it's the way you're reminded how lucky you are. While I spent a split-second thinking how weird it was that I was watching him, I quickly dismissed it as normal, curious behavior. I closed my eyes to match his, only to catch myself watching him again. I looked down at the bottom of the bed and caught my sweet puppy mirroring that same inquisitive stare toward me, and was convinced that we're all just a little curious. I could have taken a picture to memorialize the moment, but concluded that that would be the moment at which it became strange. Sigh. I'm very much at peace with the idea of ogling him forever. Last night he commented on the inevitable, destructive process of aging, earning himself a strategically placed compliment containing complete disregard for his concerns. You should know better than that, darling. You will always be beautiful.

As the ever-intimidating Hallmark holiday approaches, I find myself compelled to lean toward cliche ridiculousness, but I've settled on being original. Well, as original as this holiday permits. People who "hate" Valentine's Day typically go without that special someone, and therefore revere it as stupid, pointless, and a waste of money. Those who have seen and conquered and still hate it aren't doing it right. Angela Boone is the perfect example of doing it right.

I've had a few decent (and a few terrible) but no Valentine's Day that was extraordinarily distinctive. That being said, I wouldn't say I despise the holiday, despite the increased commercialization and demand for over-the-top displays of lust love. In my opinion, it's quite similar to Thanksgiving: we spend an entire week day being thankful for the opportunity to gorge ourselves on family traditions and fellowship, hoping that our cheer and thankfulness will last well into the winter holidays we celebrate. Regardless, I eat my fill (and your fill, too) and I try to remind myself that I should really work on being more thankful year-round. Valentine's Day is no different. It should be a day you devote to sweet nothings that you often overlook; even if you're just spending a few hours pampering yourself. We should spend the rest of the year doing the same, but let's face it: we're human, and we've got other things preoccupying us. Even without David, I don't need a man to show me how to best appreciate myself. I'm going to bake, cook dinner, and enjoy the reminder that on this February 14th, my life is absolutely wonderful.

In other news, God has a way of answering my prayers diligently; even if that means showing me the flaws in my decisions and desires. My financial situation sprang back up unexpectedly after I stopped worrying about it, and it was a much needed boost of confidence that He is fully aware of what He's doing. And things continue to look up. I am truly, very blessed. This week, we're hosting Bible Study at the McCartney Motel on all our glorious couches. I'm excited to be able to try out a new split pea & ham soup recipe that I've been craving. I haven't had good split pea soup since my neighbor made it for me in 4th grade. That and introduce me to my favorite movie, The 10th Kingdom. What a woman.

Look for Thursday's "Song" and Friday's "Nail Files" link-ups! They'll be a new addition to my blogging habits. Enjoy your week, friends :-D

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Cara-Marie said...

I haven't been able to really blog since moving to Georgia but now that I have an internet connection I'm back in the habit lol. I do enjoy watching people sleep from twin two year old girl to that old friend I share so much history with...It's strangely normal and comforting and at the same time other worldly and ethereal...
Great post Sam!! Love you...