Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's Your Song? {LINK-UP} and other stuff

Tuesday trivia at 4th Quarter proved to reaffirm my inability to participate in any kind of trivia. Ask me about words, or grammar, or nerdy-sciency stuff and I've got you. Ask me about old songs, current events, and peoples' names...that's another story. Sure, I get to spend time with my favorite Tallahassee people, so it's worth it. But right now, I'm spending time sifting through current events, trying to up my game.

Lynn, Mal, David, and I have agreed to start training on February 11th (after soccer is over for David and I) for a 5K that's in December. I'm skeptical about the group's dedication, but I've decided that it'd be good to have a fitness end-goal to work toward. First thing on the agenda? Buy new shoes (that's always the first step). I probably won't spend $150 (probably won't) on these shoes, but the style is along the lines of what I'm going for. I love my athletic shoes to be bright colors. It makes running fun. But in lieu of moderate spending, I'm leaning more toward these or these.

I had my interview with a local LPCMH (licensed professional counselor of mental health) yesterday. I realized that I had nothing professional enough to wear for my meeting with someone (who could possibly be a future employer) in my field. Unfortunately, it was around 10:30pm on Tuesday night that I realized this, and I'm not shopping at Walmart. No thank you. I left work early on Wednesday, before my interview, to hit up New York and Company. Talk about a perfect suit. And for only $70 (on-sale, plus 30% off coupon)! *Tear* My bougie [see definition here] dreams are coming true! After I got home, I got a call from the director of the Behavioral Health unit at the local hospital, who ended up offering me an internship opportunity. I have another meeting this afternoon with another clinician. All very exciting!

David has a habit of singing songs to me in a most ridiculous fashion. I really love this more than anything else he does. Anyway, without further adieu, here's my song link-up with Goodnight Moon:


Mrs. Y said...

New follower from the linkup. Good luck in the run.

Cait said...

I love Elton John. His 'Love Songs' album has always been one of my favorite. Great song!

Samantha said...

Thanks ladies! I really do love this song; even more so when it's sung to me. :D

@ Mrs. Y: I appreciate the encouragement. It's going to be intense training for it, but I'm excited for a change. It has been too long since my life has been dedicated to being in shape! I read your most recent post about the doughnuts. I have a similar weakness for frozen yogurt, cookies, and chocolate. It doesn't help that Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Lots more treats that I don't need!

Goodnight moon said...

Sir Elton John. Yes....good song choice!

Thanks so much for coming to link up this week!

Hugs girlie!