Tuesday, February 21, 2012

“If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.”

After last week's scare regarding one of my submitted grad school papers (not submitting it for plagiarism critique--supposedly resulting in an incomplete), I received word from my professor that she was going to let my slip-up slide based on my prior performance (#winning!). Thank God. My precious "A" average remains untainted.

Orlando and Tampa presented an array of excitement and slight disappointment. The hockey game was spectacular, despite Mallory's unrest about the Capitals' loss to the Lightning. We were a little far from the rink (still pretty awesome seats!), but I managed to shoot some clear pictures.

Hooray for spell check.
Cue ridiculous boyfriend...

And a Bolts' victory!
Lynn, Mal, Me, David, Brandon, Denise
Over dinner, David and I were surprised to find out that Denise's plumbing wasn't working (damn you, septic systems). No bathroom. No showers. Just grossness and gurgling toilets. For convenience sake, we were hard pressed to head over to a nearby hotel, only to learn that every hotel in the surrounding 20 miles was completely booked...except for the Crowne Plaza, which was charging $440/night. Really?! We sucked it up and headed back to Denise's for the night.

Sunday was plagued by tickets: one (not for certain, but a high possibility) for having to run a toll (I threw my money in, I swear!!), and the other for speeding (bound to happen sooner or later). Luckily, the officer knocked it down to 79 mph (the minimum) instead of 87 mph (good thing I slowed down from 100 when I got onto I-10), resulting in $125 fine and 3 points, rather than $205, 4 points, and the likely suspension of my driver's license. I can't even begin to speculate how many points I've accrued over the years. Hilariously, I nearly cried at the thought that I might get a $100 toll-running ticket, but was content getting one for speeding. I may or may not have a speeding addiction.

We finished out the weekend with Day 1, Week 2 of the C2K5, and the Billy on the Street gameshow.


Yesterday was Lynn's birthday. We had a handful of people over (a little quieter different than last year's surprise party) and celebrated one more year of this lovely lady's life. I first met Lynn on the phone; screaming (like she does) in the background as I talked to the boy I thought I'd marry. She was fun, lively, and had a contagious laugh. So naturally, I gravitated toward her. In what seemed like weeks (months, really), I was stealing time for "girls night" with her, Alaina, Aimee, and some random others every week. For a little while, we walked around Lake Ella once or twice a week, just to catch up and get some exercise. She slowly stepped up as an escape from my reality; bringing strength and perseverance to me when I thought I was trapped in a life that was destroying me. I quickly jumped at the opportunity to move in with her, convinced that she would be much better than any of the roommates I've previously had ('cept for Angela, duh!). It's great to see how friendships evolve from simple acquaintanceship. What used to be merely an exchange of socially acceptable semantics has blossomed in a perfect friendship complete with clothes-sharing, meal-making, Notebook-crying watching adventures. These days, we're spending Tuesdays at 4th Quarter, gossiping about Dexter, losing at board games, and training for the Color Run. Lynn is the epitome of friendship, and the definition of unconditional love. I like doing her eyebrows and dressing her up to go out. I love that she lets me cut her hair without any hair-cutting experience. I miss her when she's not around. I hug her every chance I get. I'm so grateful for the moments we get to spend together, and the patience she has for my debauchery. I'm so blessed to have all these wonderful people in my life. If anything came out of the Justin catastrophe, at least he led me to them.

Lynn gang-banging my football game virginity.  
Last year's surprise party! Her very first!
I can't believe this is one of only a few pictures that we have together. Cheesy smiles, squinty eyes, and all. 
Happy Birthday Unicorns 2012
Mallory's delicious cupcake-cake.
As a final thought, please pray for David's success with his job interview this Wednesday!

Photo cred to DLJ!


the lovebirds said...

what a cute post! looks like fun! I haven't been to a hockey game in forever. cute blog! xo

Samantha said...

Thanks for the compliments! It was an awesome hockey game. I'll definitely be attending more in the future :D

Cara-Marie said...

"I may or may not have a speeding addiction."

I literally lol-ed at that...
I'm a recovering speeder...my last two tickets I was clocked at 90 in a 65 smh so yea...no more of that at least no more than 85 lol

Wow your friendship with Lynn i inspiring...I miss my tight knit circle of girlfriends especially with this move to Georgia...I'm living by myself and I haven't been able to really go out and meet people yet. So of course I'm homesick and missing the crew. Still I can take every opportunity to let those people who are special to me no matter how close or far know how much they mean to me.

...Let's start with you. You're ability to share your journey and experiences with the world takes my breath away. You show the good the bad and the ugly and you're not afraid of being vulnerable. I'd like to be like you one day when I grow up. I love you Samantha J. Thank you for being a friend :)

Samantha said...

CM! You should come visit me. We're so close. We just drove through GA on our way to and from NC. We're like 30 minutes from the GA border. Also, I think we'll be in ATL in June for a Yankees @ Braves series. We definitely need to get lunch!