Friday, March 16, 2012

Nail Files {Link-up}

Lots of nails, people! I'm finding that I want to do a new color or color combination like every 3 days. Officially addicted. Enjoy :)

This week, I decided to follow a trend I'd seen done by some of the girls in my church. That is, starting with a darker base coat, and finishing with a lighter shade of polish.

I started with this color: "Jackie, Oh!" by Color Club (not my nails, but the same color).
And finished with this color: "Trench Coat" by Sation (a little lighter than it appears in the picture).

 I ended up with these Spring inspired nails!

It looked great for the rest of the day, then proceeded to smudge and get ugly. Yay 24 hour manicure!

So I used these soon after:

And wound up with this:

Someone please, for the love of God, please buy me an iPhone.
In preparation for a glamorous St. Patty's Day, I avoided green like I originally intended and went for this beautiful combination. 

Essie: Devil's Advocate, Essie: Set in Stones, Milani: Pink Flare
 I had a lot of compliments about these!! In fact, some woman I work with was walking toward me and came over to check out my nails claiming she noticed them all the way down the hall.

Sincere apologies for my consistently horrible Android pictures.

Link up with Tara and Vicki at:

The Nail Files

Now I'm off to Orlando for a crazy St. Patty's/Bachelorette/Birthday celebration weekend! :-D


jennie said...

I LOVE the silver sparkles on the bottom of the pale pink and I'm having a hard time processing the amount of sparkles in your final picture. So pretty!!

Brittany Sommer said...

LOVE the last mani!!!

Samantha said...

There is a ridiculous amount of glitter on my nails right now (the last mani picture). I wish my phone could capture it. It's absolutely glamorous!

Nail Polish Anonymous said...

I love the pinks.. I so what spring to be here already!! I also love the sparkles but they are a killer to get off

Samantha said...

YES. I have learned that nail polish remover does nothing for glitter. I made the mistake of putting glitter straight onto my nails without any base coat. Christ. But now, if I put on two layers of base coat, and peel my polish off when I'm through wearing it (the part with the glitter, anyway) rather than use the polish remover, it works a LOT better.

Crystal said...

I like Devil's Advocate, looks nice with the glitter too.

Nellie said...

So much prettiness! Love the glitter.

Kimberlee said...

Oh wow lots of nalis - love it! I also did the glitter at the bottom of the nail for my look this week :)

Samantha said...

I think the glitter at the bottom is definitely the way to go! I'm loving it.

Leanna Vera said...

All that glitter is so much fun! I'm going to have to try out the glitter at the bottom look soon.

tara said...

i love that glitter! i just got it and cant wait to use it!

Terri said...

I've been debating buying some of the Essie "effects" topcoats..I think you might have just sold me on them :)

Andrea K. said...

I like the top look, probably because I usually have nails that are some shade of pink and that came out really pretty. And I'm surprised by how much I do like the glittery nails! It makes me want to go buy some glitter nail polish and give myself a manicure ASAP.

Samantha said...

The only thing about glitter is that it is a pain in the butt to get off! I'm currently working on chipping away last week's manicure.

Sarah E. said...

Love the glitter!

I just recently tried the foil method of removing glitter polishes - which is amazing!