Monday, March 12, 2012

Weight loss: Week 4

Some weight loss updates:

Forgive the awkward leaning in the second picture that makes me look pregnant. I was reaching over David's shoulder.

I took the first picture in September 2011. It's a pretty similar representation of the weight I was when February 2012 rolled around. So for all intents and purposes, let's just say that picture one is my starting point (though, I was probably heavier). Also, 185 is my last known weight-in around December/January. That also might be an under-representation. I don't have a scale, so my current weight is unknown. SOON!!! But the picture definitely shows the differences in just 4 weeks (second picture taken at the end of 3 weeks). Notice the thinner face and smaller chest (some people are not as pleased with the latter). I've even got some chin definition going on! I'd rather lose the weight from my midsection than from my chest, but I'll take what I can get. One step at a time!

I crave everything sweet on a daily basis.
I hate that I can't eat sweets.
I can't eat sweets because I have no self control or concept of moderation.
I hate that David is so much better at 5k-ing than I am.
I wish my legs were longer.

Currently, David and I are on week 5 of our 8 week C25K program. It's started to kick my butt (thank you, asthma), but I'm pushing through and trying to regulate my breathing. After we're finished with this, we'll be continuing our running and adding in some other training (Insanity is a good possibility). This woman's blog has been inspiring me to eat better and train harder lately. And thanks to an awesome local workout page (Super Awesome Workout Semester, or SAWS) started by my friend Nathan, I've discovered this 5k-10k training program AND heard about this awesome Zombie 5k in November.

Hooray for lifestyle changes.
Hooray for accountability.
Hooray for good workout music.


Andrea K. said...

I was actually thinking about this post today as I ran day one of week four and how you've made it to week 5. I have the deepest respect for you for completing week 4. The jump from weeks 3 to 4 is insane! But the program does have amazing results. Keep updated about what you plan on doing after C25k, I'm thinking of doing the 5k-10k program.

Also, some of my friends did one of the zombie runs a few weekends ago and send it was awesome!

Sarah said...

Congrats on the weight loss! That's so great! You look so cute in the picture! Thank you for stopping my and leaving the very thoughtful comment. I really appreciate it =) You are very sweet.

- Sarah