Thursday, March 15, 2012

What's Your Song {Link-up}

First and foremost, check out my new BUCKETS tab. I've finally made a decent bucket list. I feel pretty good about it. That and my March Madness bracket picks. I have UK, UNC, FSU, and MSU in the final four.

Tomorrow night, I'll be driving to Orlando for my very first bachelorette party. I never thought I'd see the day when my best friend got married before I did! (Isn't that how we all feel?) But with the wedding only 35 days away, I'm definitely feeling the wedding crunch!

Be sure to catch next week's tutorial for the shirts I made for the bachelorette party. :-D

So far, I've taken care of the two most important things: my dress and David's plane ticket. Invitations have been sent, bridal shower plans have been set. But there's still so much to do: buy shoes, pick up some new summer clothes (I expect it to be nasty and humid, like always), get my car serviced, create a spectacular bridal party (that Lauren's mom and I have been working fervently on!), decorate for the ceremony and the reception, and take care of any last minute alterations. I have to come up with a speech and all that nonsense. I have to keep it together so that Lauren doesn't have to.

Now that I'm fully into wedding mode, please enjoy the appropriateness of this song:

**Note: I love sappy love songs. And pregnant women in ugly dresses. And poorly made music videos from the 90s. And country music. If you do not love all these things, don't bother watching.

This is definitely one that I want David to add to his "Serenade Samantha" list. Ha!

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Mrs.B said...

love,love,LOVE! They are my second favorite Country couple!!

Beth said...

I LOVE this song. I'm showing my age, but that was my husband's and my "special song" when he FIRST joined the Marine Corps...when that song was a new release. :)

Athena said...

I haven't heard that song in ages!

Just stopping by via the link up :)

Amber Joy said...

Love this song !! :) My close friend is getting married this year and I know the feeling I always thought I'd be married before her. anyway its nice to find your cool blog.

~Amber joy